We support dedicated professional ski patrollers advance their avalanche education and management skills. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.


Why We do It

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson

A friend and seasoned fellow ski patroller, Darren Johnson, died in an avalanche whilst on duty helping graduate students collect snowpack data. 

In our business accidents can be tragic. This time, we decided to create a silver lining. 

We know the critical importance of training and education for the accurate assessment and management of terrain, and the risks associated with getting it wrong. The Darren Johnson Avalanche Education Memorial Fund provides financial support to dedicated professional ski patrollers looking to further their snow science and avalanche education. 



What We Do

 In partnership with the National Avalanche Foundation, we send patrollers to the National Avalanche School. Patrollers attend intensive classroom sessions and field workshops. The field sessions provide the critical opportunity to put newly learned skills to the test in a practical, hands-on environment.


Ski patrollers are passionate individuals who do their job for the love of helping others, and creating fun, safe conditions for people enjoy the mountains. This is not a lucrative job for those seeking material wealth. Bonuses are distributed as early morning sunrises cresting over mountain peaks, and by making a difference in someone's life you've helped. 

We need your support so we can help patrollers do their jobs with the best possible training.